My Master's Thesis on Computer Supported Cooperative Work was done at the Technical University of Denmark, Center for Tele-Information with advisor Kjeld Schmidt. I continued this work during Ph.D. studies at the ICT program - former CORPS (Computing, Organizations, Policy, and Society) at the School of Information and Computer Science at University of California, Irvine.

Basically I'm interested in getting closer to a useful understanding of cooperative work and the role of (especially information-) technology in relation to this. My research is based on field studies of various types of technology used in cooperative settings.

I have studied work in:
* a life-insurance company focussing on workflow systems and awareness issues
* a pharmaceutical company focussing on organizational use of large document repositories, in particular the role of classification in the common information spaces
* an event production company focussing on mobility and on the ways in which the mobility influences the available methods of studying technology use.

A particularly fascinating and worthwhile area is what the notion of embodiment can bring to our understanding of technology use and design.

Publications are found in the publications section of the site.

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